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lunedì, novembre 28, 2016

I AM BRIDE - How to take the WE Out of Wedding (and other useful advice) by Laura Willcox

Super-mega-galactically funny I AM BRIDE - How to take the WE Out of Wedding (and other useful advice) by Laura Willcox, by ABRAMS BOOKS on Jan 3 2017 and illustrated by Jason O’Malley..

To Willcox a wedding is a paradisiac, funny, wonderful adventure, in a land where we should forget to plan thinking at money budget and where the groom must be kept apart. The mainly planner helped by the wedding planner one, must be surely the bride.

Why the bride? Because that day is focused on her. This one will be her unforgettable special day and so everything must be perfect. Final last words? Well using some advice, your nuptial feast will be incredibly funny and surely wonderful.

Social media changed customs of also an event like the one of: "I am dating Mr. Right!" According to the author the news should be spread at the four winds, with, including, pictures, better if many of the soon-to-be-bride with the engagement ring.

Diet, gym, exercises for the perfect dress in the perfect body and skin, with many tests for trying to understand what kind of bride you are, including of course the facial expressions for that special day, each for a proper word and occasion.

A gift registry and then the guests list, people surely you will invite and other you will avoid to invite for not ruining your wonderful day.

Plenty of useful and at the same time so funny and hilarious informations, you will find this world and the other in this stunning book including the honeymoon and first moment after...well the big step of your life.

Written with a wonderful funny, sunny writing-style you will enjoy to read it and to plan a funny, unforgettable wedding day!

Many thanks to Netgalley and ABRAMS Books.

Anna Maria Polidori

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