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lunedì, novembre 28, 2016

Chef Q in Paris the Winter Collection by Didier Quemener

What a delicious, sunny, absolutely yummy cook book is Chef Q in Paris the Winter Collection, written by Didier Quemener published by Velvet Morning Press.
Warm thanks at the tales of Didier, his anecdotes of his living in France, his favorite recipe, the cook book is wonderful.

Relaxing cover, ask this to yourself: are you scared by winter? Sad because days are shortest and you start to feel cold outside? Don't worry, with this cook book in your hands you will have sorted out most of your problems. Surely your culinary problems ones.
Trust me.

This book is a delicious blanket to use for your self and your dear ones when you want to let me think, use some good and warm comfort food.

In this cookbook various delicious soups, puré, various incredibly good chocolate recipes, passing from the most common but always superlative hot chocolate to the intense chocolate cake!

The author suggests you should shop with multi-color ingredients!

Some of them suggested by him? Apples, pears, citrus, chocolate, sweet potato, (yum!) radicchio, brussels sprouts...
You will find in the book tips for a perfect Valentine Dinner and if you love pasta, why not indulge in a linguine with Butternut Squash?

It's not important what you will eat, because in this book every recipe will become your favorite recipe and everyone will be happy and cheerful and first of all, warm and satisfied.

So, bon appetit!

I thank LibraryThing and the publishing house for this eBook. A special thanks to NetGalley where I discovered, thanks to them, Library Thing!

Anna Maria Polidori

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