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sabato, novembre 12, 2016

Charles Dickens as I knew Him by George Dolby

Dickens looked under the perspective of his own manager George Dolby. Charles Dickens as I knew him by George Dolby published by Endeavour Press this past Oct 14 is a real portrait of this genius of the literature of all the time.
Who could have known Dickens better than his manager? This one is a complete profile, the book is short and so it won't take a lot of time to read it. The most remarkable British author of all the times won't have many other secrets to you. I love Dickens and his books. Every time a new book appears in term of biographies, I love the ones of Peter Ackroyd dedicated to Dickens, I try to capture it.

Go for this eBook with the certainty of finding very good informations and a great biography. Dickens as I knew Him focuses also on the private life of Dickens and his various tours in particular in the USA. It is known that maybe he was inspired by his trip to Boston for his masterpiece, A Christmas Carol.

In this book taken in consideration his second trip/tour to the USA.
Dickens lived a life plenty of success but as it happens often to genius also contradictory and plenty of events.

He could be a hard man, celebrating the joy of family in his books and researching the joy and warm of a family in fictional books, being at the same time indifferent at his own family and indifferent of what was going on. Who knows? Maybe he dreamed to have an ideal family but he didn't love his family after all.
Not the real one maybe because in his thoughts family was perfect, while in the reality it is a continuous problem-solving. Who knows?

His intelligence moved him here and there but if we remain at the imagine we have of his writings, we can absolutely affirm he has been a genius.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Endeavour Press for this eBook.

Anna Maria Polidori

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