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martedì, maggio 13, 2014

The Angels of Morgan Hill by Donna VanLiere

The Angels of Morgan Hill

 is a stunning book written by

 Donna VanLiere.
 I discovered this author thanks to Jen. She sent me more than a year ago the latest book by Donna VanLiere called "The good Dream". I immediately felt a great connection for the story.  l loved the idea the story was set in Tennessee where the facto the author was born and where she lives with her husband, three children and various animals. Stylistically Donna is maybe one of the most amazing and vivid writers I have found.I would suggest her books to all the people interested in learning English because she is very understandable.

Anyway although I started to read her book, I abandoned it after a while. Various reasons. The story in the case of The good dream is the one of a late thirty years girl. For a reason or another hasn't yet found her place in the society marrying a man. She is still single Great baker and cook, she has buried her mom recently and she starts to receive visits from a  wild toddler...

As it happens sometimes I don't find a story good for the moment or phase I am living so I abandoned the book, but I wanted to try, "Maybe I think it would be better",  with another book she wrote: "The angels of Morgan Hill" and in this case it was a success.

The story. As for most of Fannie Flagg's books set up in Elmwood Springs, Donna VanLiere has set up most of her stories in a place somewhere in Tennessee called Morgan Hill. In this book it is told the story of Fran a lady who lost her husband at just 29 years. So a very young man (but being violent maybe it was a great luck for everyone) and with two children to growing up and another in arrival.

The story is not mainly focused on  the problematic of growing up children for a widow because in a way or in another it would have happened. The story starts when the Turner, a black family, for work decides to moving to Morgan Hill. It's 1947 and saying that there is a lot of racist in Tennessee is an euphemism. No one accept the arrival of this couple with three children. Fran become one of the closest friends of this couple. Addy one of Fran's best friends Fran's children love to play with Turner's children. But one night something will change forever and Fran will need to cope with a new reality and it will be necessary to her to be strong and firm..

 The story is told in first person by Jane one of Fran's daughters.

Anna Maria Polidori

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