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venerdì, maggio 16, 2014

The good dream Donna VanLiere

"There comes a time when you don't know what you're capable of anymore. Looking back, say five or even two years ago, you can remember what you were capable of then -how you thought, what you did, who you loved, who people said you were. Then something happens and takes all that away; the basket of good intention you've been toting around, the trunk of dreams you've been pulling behind you- all of it is gone in an instant, and it's just you, naked, bare, exposed. So many names and faces are marbled into my past, but looking back two years ago, even six months ago, I can't recognize any of them. I can't even recognize the town I was".

In this short phrases of this amazing book

 "The Good Dream"

by Donna VanLiere,

one of the most appreciated New York Times Bestselling author there is the sum of this novel.

I received this book by a correspondent more than a year ago. The cover is poetic. Let's examine it. There are some tree branches and there are some color bottles on them. Why? An old tradition from Tennessee where this story is based, so the profound South of the Usa, thinks that putting on a trees some colored bottles this will keep away the evil spirits.

Yvorie is the main protagonist of this story setting up in Morgan Hill as also The Angels of Morgan Hill. She had lost a lot of trains in her life. Why it happens at times and why would exist that missing link in some girls  is unknown and maybe part of their personal story. Anyway in her late thirtys, she hasn't found yet a good man close to her. She has lost both her parents and she lives alone in the big house left to her by the parents. She is a great cook and a good and tender person. Someone who maybe will want to build his existence close to her exists and he is constantly around her and Yvorie will feel strong emotion for this man.  Compassionate and understanding and plenty of love to be given to someone else it would have appeared simple...Too much simple.

Life at time loves to change cards on the big table of the life. A toddler of eight years old will appear in her existence changing it forever.

Not a normal boy, someone complicated someone who needs love, understanding, comprehensions, cures. Just eight years old but with a big and sad past. Accepted because it was as if  he would have always lived there with Yvorie. 

It's a story of love able to tell us how powerful can be the force of love. Able to break all the common senses, a love able to be immensely helpful and good. Able to heal two souls bringing new life in the respective protagonist's existences in search both of them  of an interior nest, attention of another soul, security and of course someone who would love them just because they are like they are.

Yvorie will reflect about her existence in a beautiful part of the novel-

"What I did before that day? All I recall is skies and trees, a patch of garden, and lots of lonely space. I remember the days were dark and sad and full of shadows, with a sense of gloom pushing away any brightness. Nothing surprised me anymore and that was part of my problem. Nothing took my breath away. But then he came".

I strongly recommend this book to everyone. To all the people in search of a good story and in search of that humanity I love so much and Donna is able to portraying in every book wonderfully.

Anna Maria Polidori

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