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giovedì, agosto 03, 2017

The Perfect You A Blueprint for identity written by Dr. Caroline Leaf

The Perfect You  A Blueprint for identity written by Dr. Caroline Leaf is a wonderful new book by Baker Books.
Dr Leaf developed with the time the Perfect You as loves to call  our being unique in our genre studying the brain and the connection with our mind from decades.

We are all born with a personal touch and for a mission that no one can steal us.
Our being unique is in our character, in our approach to life, friendship, love, in our interaction with the environment and with other people. What we can offer in terms of precious contribution to this life and this particular moment in which we exist can't be given by anyone else thanks to our personal vision and touch.

This book focuses in particular about the problems that there are when our Perfect You is not anymore balanced for the most common or uncommon reasons. It can be because of a big stress, alcoholism, depression, and so on.

What to do in this case?

This one can be a big problem.

The Perfect You, ourselves with our innate characteristics and our vision of life can stay in stand-by at long when and if there are conditions able to "kill" our identity putting in sufferance our mind and modifying, incredible but true, our brain and not for best.

What it is important to understand is that our mind in fact changes in better or worse our brain and the potentialities of our brain. Not the opposite. In the past people thought that changes were mainly a function of the brain.

No: it doesn't work in this way and so it's primarily important to cultivate in the real sense of the word spiritually good thoughts for re-balancing  a stressed brain donating it a new life.
Positive thoughts will capture a positive life.

A stressed brain is dangerous for many reasons and a psychological unhappiness for a lot of time, for too much time, a chronic unhappiness will cause a dangerous alteration of The Perfect You  exposing the person sometimes also at living very important physical illnesses.

For working much better with our person and for re-balancing The Perfect You doc. Leaf will introduce us the Unique Qualitative (UQ) Assessment Tool.

A very beauty long section is dedicated at profiling your Perfect You with questions about yourself, your vision of your self and your attitudes, your qualities.
You will discover a lot, writing it.

I found the book extremely interesting and original because it starts from scientific basis, without forgetting the real Master of our brain, soul,  body: God.
I loved to read the role and impact of MRI and f MRI for trying to understand our brain at a different level and the new discoveries thanks to atoms.

Although this one is a self-help book, with more than a touch of scientist notions, God is the main protagonist of this book.
Without Him we wouldn't be here and we wouldn't play our role in the society.

I love the cover because very colored. Futuristic look,  the mind of the man seeing in all its centrality and perfection.

I thank BakerBooksBloggers for the physical copy of this stunning and interesting book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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