mercoledì, agosto 16, 2017

Heat, lack of sleeping, what a mess these past weeks were!

To all publishers, authors, books waiting to be read :-) I want to keep everyone tranquil: I am back. Slowly but I am.
It's still difficult after weeks of lacking sleep, great weakness because of heat but I try my best.

It was a horrid warm summer able to put me down in many different ways.

Last weeks Italy was interested by an immense heat with temperatures too high for reading or writing.

It was impossible reading trust me, eyes didn't collaborate at all too stressed for the heat and brain decided to go to vacation.

Writing became painful for me. I am very quick in general, I can write a piece in a few minutes, I am a reporter, and same is for reviews. Three reviews every three days in the past... But it was impossible in that condition to elaborate thoughts.  Impossible to write anything staying lucid, clear. The few reviews I posted did let me feel that they could have been written very differently and with more strength. They were altered by the conditions I experienced.

Many thanks for your attention. I love you all, I am back and I count to post my first review  after the big, unusual heat this week-end.

I want to thank NetGalley because thanks to them I discovered the big universe of American Publishing Houses and wagons of wonderful books ready to being picked up and read. I also thank all that publishers who trust me and give me the possibility of reading their books in physical or digital copies.

I thank the Universities Press of Yale, Oxford and Princeton for the good work we are doing together and for the trust they give me.

Anna Maria Polidori

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