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domenica, aprile 24, 2016

The movement of stars - Amy Brill - Book review

When I finished to read The Movement of Stars I thought at the meaning of the life and at choices, maybe not choices, real destinies, of women who decided to sacrifice their life for biggest purposes avoiding family and children.
Rita Levi Montalcini, Margherita Hack, astronomer as Hannah is in this book. 

Inspired on the life of  Maria Mitchell a Nantucket (Massachusetts) born girl, this book will tell the human adventure of the first part of Hannah's life.

Devoted for stars and comets, Hannah uninterested about any other aspects of  human life. It's not because she doesn't care, just because she is completely absorbed by her astronomical researches. She is serious, she  lives the life "planned" by the little and very much controlled community.

What she wants is to find a comet in the sky she observes with great joy every night for passing at the astronomical history, and for trying to make the difference.

One day someone will break this perfect life of moderation, study and work: an exotic black sailor. He will bring in Hannah's life more than a reason for starting a rebellion against the system created by her community.
While time will pass by and social life will also change in Nantucket, Hannah will try to defend her independence with all herself.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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