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Faerie Stones An Exploration of the Folklore and Fairies Associated with Stones and Crystals by Ceri Norman

Do you believe in fairies? I do. I grew up in a countryside, where, when little, people still believed in witches and old legends.
It's simple to believe in these enchanting creatures after all. What I didn't know it's their strong connections with stones and crystals.
I have always been attracted by stones and crystals and a dear friend of mine sell them in a close city.

Stones are not just connected with fairies, as we will see in this book Faerie Stones An Exploration of the Folklore and Fairies Associated with Stones and Crystals by Ceri Norman but fairies are an integral part of stones.
They love stones and they love to penetrate them with their characters and characteristics. Each fairy in fact peculiarly has a role in this world. Fairies love to live in special places like old houses, and in a certain way they are special guardian of locations considered sacred in UK.
Fairies live also in our homes although they prefer to stay out, so in barns, fields, where they find all the romanticism and freedom that they search and desire.

Fairies donate their stones to people they wish to stay connected with. But in what way can we establish a connection with fairies?
We can place stones in our handbag, in our home, in the car, at work.

As this book will explain, there are many kind of fairies with which we can enter in contact with.

First of all when we choose a stone it will be important, remarks the author, to pick up a stone that didn't experience any kind of sufferance and that didn't live any past traumas, because in opposite case, more than an healing stone we would buy a product that must heals as well. We would be helpful of course also in this process but in general when we buy a stone it's because we live an internal illness and we search for an additional support, so we would be unsupported by the stone because living a traumatic experience by itself.

How to choose your stone?

Don't go with rationality but with sentiment.

Not the stone you think that will work for you because you read something, but the one attracting you.
Love at first stone?

Yes, that kind of feeling, so that the stone will work on your problems with more strength, than not other ones maybe just picked up because apparently "functional." A stone must be chosen exactly as anything else.

The author remembers us also that stones means life and so the stone's past means a lot. Where a stone is from, the past that stone experienced means a lot in terms later of purification. I didn't know this part and I found it incredibly interesting. I hadn't never thought at stones in that sense. Humanizing them. It's amazing how nature and all creatures are all connected together.

You will discover many ways for keeping your stone pure.

Another section will illustrate starting from Amber for arriving to Snow Quartz the most important and beloved stones. It is not said that a quartz works well on your person. For example I met in the past problems with amethyst and rose quartz. I know, it's a shame. Each of us have a special character and must find the proper stone for his/her character and the one in grade to make the difference in a certain phase of the existence, where there is more need also of an extra help from magical creatures and the power of stones blessed by them.

The third part of the book will analyze Quartz and the fourth part Chakras so that you will learn better which chakras, part of your body need to be stimulated the most thanks to the correct use of stones.

Enjoy this book plenty of wonderful informations for living in contact with superior creatures and stones and in harmony with the universe.

I thank John Hunt Publishing for the physical copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori

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