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Life is Beautiful by Jacqueline Pirtle

 Life is Beautiful

by Jacqueline Pirtle is her latest new book. Author of 365 Days of Happiness, Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops and What it Means to BE a Woman, in this new book Jacqueline will tell us what to do for create everyday a beautiful life. 

We create our own reality, tell us Jacqueline and sometimes it is not the most satisfying one. 

We never think at it too often but "what we do, think, say, and who we choose to be, always affects everyone and everything" adds Jacqueline. Not only, she continues: "We are in charge and can

choose who we are, how we show up, and how we live this physical experience."

Energy is extremely important and it is important also where it is addressed. Energy means feelings,moments, happenings and thoughts. Your reality can change at anytime, nothing is never set in stone, writes Jacqueline. Being energy, as human beings, we change continuously and continuously there are mutations. 

Who is a beauty and a beautiful person? To Jacqueline not necessarily the body, but the energetic personaluty expressed by each individual. And, each individual can chooses the physical and emotional life he/she wants, living that, later in his/her reality. We must be careful in this sense and we must build a relaxing oasis of peace and harmony.

Of course you should ask to yourself what you want and what it is best for you.

Your inner YOU! knows the answer, and first of all, more than ask for some external advice, you should follow your inner self because with you, it has been around for some while and he knows the best thing to do.

Meditation, but also a good care of your emotional and physical wellbeing are important steps for living a beautiful life. 


Avoid negative thoughts, constantly emerging in particular thanks to other people. Listen to positive vibes. Keep them close to you, read them often, clean your soul and proceed along the long existential path more purified and more strong.

"I choose to BE and live, see, hear, taste, smell, think, and

feel that life is beautiful."

Choosing a beautiful life means that life will show you "its grace to the fullest ... When beauty and bliss is long-standing."

When you are happy you do everything more happily. 

Being happy reinforce our body that will be much more healthy.

Jacqueline's parents told her that "practice makes perfect!" Commitments are in fact extremely important for our personal growth, insists Jacqueline. 

It's important to grow a passion because in that case it's the heart that will produce feelings. 

And being devoted to your passion a second crucial step because it means that you can't live anymore without it. 

Sure, Jacqueline precises that "quite frankly in life nothing ever stays the same anyways."

Let's speak of our existences. If you ask to your relatives, friends, their impression during the time that they had created regarding you, you will assist at a differentiation of opinions, thanks also to the fact that we met some relatived and friends along our way and in different moments. 

Of course the ones reported by people, also when great friends, or wonderful relatives are their impressions, but...Who are we? No one knows our sufferances, joys, happinesses, realitistically. Not only: friends and relatives can't be accurate because they don't live in your body, and they didn't experienced what you experienced.

It's important to remain real experiencing the essence you were from the beginning and beyond, reports Jacqueline.

Jacqueline, then will let you experience an amazing moment: your arrival on Earth! 

Another beautiful self-help and motivational book for everyone!

I thank the Jacqueline Pirtle for the copy of this book.

Anna Maria Polidori 

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