venerdì, marzo 23, 2018

Let's clarify a point once for all: William Blake and Christina Stead WERE NOT MARRIED!

It will happen again but please let me know next time immediately my error because I know the truth and I have correct perceptions but there is nothing to do: sometimes my mind and brain wants to report incorrect  informations believing a different reality and there is nothing to do!
Trust me: it's worse than fake news!

Telling to you the truth I laughed when I discovered where the error in these reviews was but I know me and my good soul, my character and my lacks.

I guess that the authors involved were pretty upset because believing or imagining with my mind a fact not existing at all and mixing like in a modern fairy-tales characters taken in other periods is not at all great a great idea. Plus the idea is that the book hasn't been read or not interpreted well.

Everything started today with an e-mail that kept me mentally busy and later the clarification when I received the new book by Christina Stead from Melbourne Press: Talking Into the Typewriter.
Thanks to Melbourne Press and NetGalley, I appreciated a lot to reading A Web of Friendship. Unfortunately with the departures experienced during this past year the second one was more hard to digest and more sad, The Salzburg Tales.

But problem is not this one: Christina Stead became invariably in every book  involving William Blake sculpture, poet, writer, painter of late 1770 her wife, her second wife, her devoted wife.
I also loved to remark this wonderful marriage plenty of love.
Pity it was fruit of my fantasy and not because the two parts didn't want to live it, who knows it? but because they lived in a complete different period.

Now: William Blake was born in London on 28 November 1757 (we share the same zodiacal sign, decade) and he died in London on august 1827.

Christina Stead was born in Australia in 1902 and died in 1983 and yes she was married with a writer called William Blake but that he is not associated in any possible way with the painter and writer of 1770s.

Not only: I read previously her letters and I knew she was born in 1900s.

Rationally I knew all of it, irrationally, it's all another story.

I am truly sorry with the publishing houses connected with reviews involving Blake and Christina Stead, somewhere baptized also Catherine by me, Princeton Yale and Melbourne Press. I don't know what they can have thought but I just can tell them that it'

I commit these mental errors.

Days ago I sent an e-mail telling to someone I liked the book I was reading about Dahl. Well that biography was about Dr.Seuss. I knew that he was Dr.Seuss.
I don't know why it happens. I know that it happens.

So please, when in the future you see some errors like these ones, drop me a line because I know that the reality is different but my brain sometimes wants to escape in another land imagining something else.

Many thanks for your attention.

Anna Maria Polidori

PS: I am cleaning all reviews from these errors and I will re-share them soon.

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